Inspired Performance Solutions, Inc. creates value by using a thoughtful, talent-based, diagnostic process which allows people to identify their goals and pursue excellence in behaviorally-focused goals. We are recognized as trusted advisors in a variety of industries. The ability to inspire, educate, and help clients apply processes creates measurable value to the organizations and people we support.

Recognizing the alignment of goals within any organization is critical to achieve long-term success, IPS builds fundamental, practical, and sustainable goal-alignment skills through the facilitation of a variety of learning programs.

Strategic partnerships drive the growth of IPS. As the role of trusted advisor may be shared amongst many professionals, IPS endeavors to create value by net weaving with people who live the values of servant leadership. 



Inspired Performance Solutions assists individuals, organizations, and corporations in achieving defined results and reaching new levels of performance. Our results-focused approach positively impacts the individual as well as the entire organization.

Each business has a distinct history, unique leadership, customer focus, and challenges. We guide our clients through the process of evaluating where they are versus where they want to be by collaboratively formulating a plan to move forward.

IPS assists clients in defining their unique vision and goals to achieve success, through Strategic Business Planning, Organizational Development, and Coaching. We help businesses and individuals achieve measurable lasting results.

Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization redefine success, rethink the way you do business, and achieve the results for which you’re looking.

IPS believes our vision will be achieved through the application of these values:

Customers Come First – No matter what aspects of our business may change, this remains constant. We demonstrate the value we place on our relationships with customers by listening to their needs, considering their requests as opportunities and striving to deliver exactly what they want and need. We measure our success against customer expectations and define success as our ability to win customers’ loyalty through their success.

Our Team is United – We succeed as a team, challenging and helping one another to develop our skills, to excel at achieving our objectives and to realize our highest potential. We value diversity and treat everyone with respect and trust. We welcome change and growth, expeditiously improving our processes and focusing on results as we practice impeccable integrity and strive for unparalleled quality.

We will Work Ethically and with Integrity – Throughout our business, impeccable ethical behavior is considered standard operating procedure. Relationships with all our constituencies are predicated on honesty and transparency. We apply a “zero tolerance” policy to deviations of these standards, and consistently hold ourselves and one another to the principles of telling the truth and acting in good faith.

Inspired Performance Solutions believes the cultural values of any company develop from the behaviors role-modeled by the company’s leadership. IPS leaders strive to live the following brand attributes: 

Passionate – We put customer’s first; we are up to the challenge; we are committed to our clients’ success; we take ownership of customer issues; we are committed to the doing the right thing. We inspire action through our passionate communication of solutions.

Dynamic – We have a bias for action; we work with a sense of urgency; we are energetic and enterprising, as we slash cycle times and create value in our vigorous pursuit of results. We create sustainable business processes.

Disciplined – We are focused and decisive; we have convictions; we know the direction we are heading; we are determined to succeed. We act as accountability partners for our clients.

Trustworthy – We work with integrity and transparency; we tell the truth and keep our promises; we talk far more about accomplishments than aspirations. We recognize our clients’ need to protect trade and business secrets. We are always vigilantly aware of our fiduciary responsibilities.

Smart – We are capable and knowledgeable; we are visionary; we prize the perspectives that diversity of experience and background bring to our decision-making process; we succeed as a team, seeking out and valuing one another’s contributions; we work with strategic purpose. Through our thoughtful pursuit of excellence, we provide value to our constituents.

Attentive – We actively listen to customers in order to anticipate and meet their needs; we are responsive to customer and coworker requests; we go to great lengths to do our jobs right the first time; we are willing to change into the company our customers, employees, and shareowners expect us to be.

Positive – We look forward rather than back; we are upbeat about the future; we have the people, strategies, and assets to win; we always seek the win-win.